Will my device support PlaySquare? PlaySquare is compatible with Apple iPad devices running iOS6 and upwards. Unfortunately, we no longer support iOS5 or the iPad 1.

What is PlaySquare? PlaySquare™ is Touchable Television™ – a totally new iPad experience for children where they become part of the storyworld with the touch of a finger!

What is ‘Touchable Television’? Touchable Television seamlessly combines existing television episodes with interactive content to allow a child to step into and participate in the storyworld of a television property. PlaySquare transforms television from a passive viewing experience to an active adventure where a child is watching, thinking and doing.

Is PlaySquare a video game? No, it’s better! While PlaySquare contains some interactive elements that may resemble those of a video game, the big difference is that PlaySquare provides a continuous story, with deep, lovable characters. A child’s participation is not based on repetition (as is common in video games), but rather allows them to play a part in the story, giving them an emotional stake in the events as they unfold.

How does PlaySquare work? PlaySquare was designed to be easy and intuitive for children to navigate. You enter the storyworld by choosing the episode you would like to enter. That starts the fun. Once inside the story, the narration guides your child through activities like finding letters, creating words, and making new word things! There’s lots to explore!

The age recommendation says 4-6 years old; can my 3 year old play with this app? If your 3 year-old (or younger child) wants to play with PlaySquare, we recommend that a parent or caregiver play along with him/her. Very young children may need support working the interface at first, but many are able to navigate it on their own eventually.


How does this work?PlaySquare has created a single app to house all of its appisode content in one place. Each appisode can be downloaded directly from within the app. The app provides the ability to delete and re-download appisodes as desired.

How do I purchase appisodes? The WordWorld Tales app comes with two free appisodes. Additional appisodes may be purchased from within the app.

Will you create appisodes of other properties? Yes, we are very excited to bring all of your favorite pre-school shows to touchable television. Stay tuned for more!


What equipment do I need? You simply need an Apple iPad2 or later generation or any iPad Mini and access to the Apple App Store. That’s it!

Does PlaySquare offer tech support? Yes, tech support is available for anything you might need at support@playsquare.tv. However, one simple issue has an easy fix. If you find that the PlaySquare interface isn’t working properly, first make sure that you only have one finger touching the screen. Sometimes, another finger or even a hand resting anywhere on the screen will “confuse” the interface. If you’re only using one finger on PlaySquare, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Can I use PlaySquare on my iPhone or Android? PlaySquare is currently designed only for the iPad or iPad Mini. However we hope to make it available for other devices in the future. You can check back here or join our mailing list to receive all the latest PlaySquare updates.

I’m not getting sound within the app. What can I do to fix this? The first thing to check is that the volume on the iPad is set loudly enough to hear. It’s possible that the iPad is “muted,” which means it won’t play some sounds but will play videos and music.

This Apple support article that explains the different functions of the side switch (orientation lock vs. mute): http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4085

See the section on “Enabling Mute if ‘Use Side Switch’ is set to Lock Rotation” for how to access the software mute button. If the software mute appears to be off already, try switching the setting for what the side switch does (“Changing the function of iPad’s side switch”) and using that to unmute the iPad.

In most cases, this will resolve the issue. If it does not, try restarting the iPad: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1430