“It’s better than television because there’s stuff you can do!”— Eden, age 6

We came together as a group of media professionals, all with careers in children’s television. But what really bonds us is that we are all parents. Parents who are excited by the possibilities we see in this new touchscreen world. We see kids who are growing up with touchscreen technology as deserving more than merely transferring a TV show to a tablet, or putting a book on a backlit surface. We see the opportunity for kids to be a part of the stories they love.

We also see parents who, just like us, embrace these new devices, and then instantly have thousands of apps to sort through to try to determine which might be “best” for their child. Which apps are safe, provide learning, have a long life span, and are fun?

And so we set out to create Touchable Television™ – A place where kids can be a part of the stories, and play along with the characters they love. We want to bring this next generation of kids the best that technology has to offer in terms of engagement, discovery, and creativity. Our goal is to create an experience that’s nutritious – one that will help children grow. That’s the benchmark against which we judge everything we make.

We are proud of PlaySquare™ and honored to have you come play with us.